Very early in the morning, on Thanksgiving Day, I could not get back to sleep.  This is unusual for me, but the Lord has been urging me to listen for His voice when this happens.  So, I did.  A Scripture, all of a sudden, popped into my mind from the Book of Revelation.  It was not a verse that I had read recently or thought about in many years. But the magnitude of what the Lord was showing me was breathtaking.  I tried to go back to sleep, but there was no way.  So my spirit man won out over my flesh, as I hate early mornings, and I got out of bed and opened to the Book of Revelation, mainly to read the context of this verse.


I was very, very confident that the Lord was giving me a BRAND NEW REVELATION, further confirmation that on OCT. 29, 2008, OBAMA CONFIRMED THE COVENANT OF DANIEL 9:27, thrusting the world into the Final Seven Years.  I prayed to the Lord for more insight into this new revelation.  So for the next several hours, I read and studied, especially Revelation, Chapters 4 thru 13.  The main reason for so much study was because the placement of this verse was not where I thought it should be.  It did not appear to be an easy fit into what the Lord was revealing to me.  If I just wrote a letter, quoting this verse, and giving you what the Lord was revealing to me, very few would receive it.


I was sure this revelation came from the Lord, so somehow the context of this verse had to flow with the rest of the Book of Revelation.  I gained much insight during those hours of study, and planned on sending a post to Five Doves later that day.  Events of the day, and a check in my spirit, caused me to feel that the Lord was not quite ready for me to send the letter.  On Sat. morning, I went back to the same Chapters in the Book of Revelation and studied for a few more hours, after praying for more understanding and clarification from the Holy Spirit, until it all came together.


Before I give you the verse in Revelation and the awesome revelation and meaning behind it, I should tell you that I, personally, did not need this revelation from God, to fully believe that Obama is the Antichrist, and that the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, and the beginning of the Final Seven Years, began on Oct. 29, 2008.  The Lord has so miraculously and graciously given to me seven supernatural confirmations of this, that there is nothing anyone can say, that could convince me otherwise.  For those of you who do not know what I am referring to, it would be very helpful to you if you first read or re-read my posts on The Final 7 Years with Obama as the Antichrist.


Because what the Lord was revealing to me one month ago was so unconventional to Bible Prophecy teaching, and was of such tremendous magnitude, I asked the Lord to give me a confirmation within 24 hours of my prayer.  The Lord chose to give me, not one, but THREE SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATIONS WITHIN 24 HOURS.  That was the day, that the Lord dramatically changed my life forever.  The Lord had called me to be a watchman many years ago, and for many years, I was faithful to that calling, preaching and teaching on end-times prophecy, and working 30 to 40 hours every week on my end-times prophecy ministry, in addition to my full-time job and raising a family.  I was constantly writing newsletters and prophecy tracts, 36 in total, and sending them to my mailing list of over 5000 people.  We have in circulation almost 10,000,000 tracts, all on end-times Bible Prophecy.


Many of you believe that Obama is the Antichrist, and many more of you are strongly leaning that way.  However, only a small percentage of you believe that the Final Seven Years began on Oct. 29, 2008.  Therefore, I am convinced that this revelation is for a GREAT number of you.  To back up the revelation that Obama fulfilled the Dan. 9:27 covenant with MANY (MILLIONS) on Oct. 29, 2008, thrusting the world right into the 70th week of Daniel, the Lord is now giving YOU proof from THE WORD OF GOD of this truth.


The reason I have taken over 5 hours of my time to study this out in the Book of Revelation is for YOU.  YOU need to understand that we are not just getting close to the end, but NOW THAT THE FINAL SEVEN YEARS HAVE ACTUALLY STARTED THE RAPTURE/SUDDEN DESTRUCTION/WORLD WAR III MAY BE ONLY DAYS AWAY!!!  THE MAGNITUDE OF THIS AND THE NEW URGENCY OF WHAT IS TAKING PLACE RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES HAS SO RADICALLY CHANGED MY LIFE!!! 


Before I reveal to you, from the Book of Revelation, what the Lord has shown me, I feel compelled to offer up this prayer, for all of you who have not yet received these truths into your spirit:


  "Dear Lord,  I ask now that each person reading this, would PRAY FIRST that if this message is from God, that they would be open enough in their spirits to receive it, and that it would radically change their lives, as it has done with me.  Help us all to realize how close we are to MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DYING IN WORLD WAR III, and all of the other judgments of the Book of Revelation.  Reveal to us anything that might be in our hearts and lives that would keep us from the Rapture.  Prepare us for the reality of standing at the Judgment Seat of Christ one day VERY SOON.  Let us all sense a new urgency to be used by God, in new and mighty ways, in the SHORT TIME we now have left. In Jesus' name, Amen." 


Pre-conceived ideas about the Antichrist, about the rapture before the Final Seven Years, and a 7-year peace treaty with Israel, at the very start of the 70th Week of Daniel, have kept the majority of people from receiving the message that Obama has indeed fullfilled Daniel 9:27 on Oct. 29, 2008.  I have written about a GREAT MULTITUDE OF EVIDENCE surrounding the 7-year period of Oct. 29, 2008, thru Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015. 


There were MANY different timelines coming out right to the day EXACTLY, the eclipses surrounding Sept. 23, 2015, the end of a Sabbatical cycle AND a Jubilee cycle, and especially the end of ONE COMPLETE JUBILEE CYCLE in Jewish years.  Combining all of these breathtaking cycles, timelines, and signs, with what Obama did on the VERY DAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN, should have trumped all of those pre-conceived ideas and teachings, but, sadly, for most people, it did not do that.  It is my belief and prayer that many more eyes are about to be opened to these truths. 


COULD THE CONFIRMING OF THE COVENANT IN DANIEL 9:27 BY OBAMA, ON OCT. 29, 2008, ACTUALLY BE REVEALED AND CONFIRMED IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION???  I want you to remember when I first received my revelation from the Lord, I had to immediately go to Strong's concordance, and do a thorough word study on Daniel 9:27.  Nobody has told me that they did their own thorough word study in the Hebrew language, and made an attempt to prove me wrong.  Instead, most of you just continue on in your pre-conceived ideas and teachings from other well-known Prophecy teachers, and refuse to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit into receiving these truths. 


This is the same reason that I had to do my own word study.  My own pre-conceived ideas about what I had been taught, that most of your are still hanging on to right now, made it difficult for me to receive these truths also.  So, I am not really chastising you, so much as identifying with you. I remind you, once again, that in the 1st coming of Christ, the vast majority missed it because of pre-conceived ideas and teachings, that they were convinced the Word of God was teaching them.


On Oct. 30, 2008, the Lord revealed to me that Obama was the Antichrist and the Final Seven Years had begun when he fulfilled the covenant on Oct. 29, 2008.  After my thorough word study of Daniel 9:27 (most Bible Prophecy scholars have always put this as the very beginning of the 70th week of Daniel), and my THREE SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATIONS WITHIN 24 HOURS, I was TOTALLY 100% convinced that the 30-MINUTE infomercial by Obama, with millions upon millions of people, was the fulfillment of Dan. 9:27.  This was so unconventional to Bible prophecy teaching, that it took a thorough Hebrew word study, plus THREE SUPERNATURAL CONFIRMATIONS WITHIN 24 HOURS, for me to become convinced.


As I lay in my bed, on Thanksgiving morning, waiting for the Lord to speak to me, the verse that I had given no thought to in many years, popped into my head.  I was so overwhelmed by it, that I opened to Revelation, Chapters 4 thru 13, and read, and re-read, and studied, and prayed for more understanding.  The verse, which I am convinced the Holy Spirit gave to me, was Revelation 8:1, which says, "...there was silence in heaven ABOUT THE SPACE OF HALF AN HOUR."  We have all read that verse, but nobody had ever understood it.  This is another one of those verses that cannot be understood until it is fulfilled.  Why "half an hour"???  Why "silence in heaven"??? 


In Chapters 4, 5, and 7 of Revelation, Jesus is giving John, the elders, the angels, and all the other creatures in heaven, a sneak preview of what is going to take place during the Final Seven Years.  All of a sudden, something so dramatic, and so awe-inspiring, was about to transpire on earth, that all of heaven stopped to watch this long-awaited event, that would thrust the world into the Final Seven Years--THE REVEALING OF THE ANTICHRIST!!!  Never before recorded in Heaven, had there been COMPLETE SILENCE.  As this great crowd of witnesses, including John, watched, the OPENING EVENT OF THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL UNFOLDED BEFORE THEIR EYES.  


There was COMPLETE SILENCE FOR 30 MINUTES, as the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 took place.  The audience in heaven looked on intently, unable to speak, because of the MAGNITUDE OF WHAT WAS TAKING PLACE RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES.  Daniel 9:27 and Rev. 8:1 were both being fulfilled at the EXACT SAME TIME, as all of heaven watched FOR HALF AN HOUR, the EXACT length of Obama's confirming, or strengthening of his platform, his promises, his COVENANT WITH THE MANY (MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE).  For all eternity, the audience in heaven (except for John), had been waiting for this moment.  No wonder they were all speechless.  All of history was about to be changed FOREVER. 


Unfolding right before their awestruck eyes, and their speechless mouths, was THREE THINGS of TREMENDOUS MAGNITUDE HAPPENING ON EARTH.  These THREE things were the REVEALING OF THE ANTICHRIST, THE EXACT TIME FRAME OF THE FINAL SEVEN YEARS OF OCT. 29, 2008, THRU SEPT. 23, 2015, AND THE FULFILLMENT OF DANIEL 9:27, THE ONE EVENT THAT WOULD THRUST THE WORLD INTO THE FINAL SEVEN YEARS!!!  It all concludes right on God's schedule, when Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will return to set up His millenial Kingdom at the end of a Sabbatical cycle and the end of a Jubilee cycle. 


2520 days (360 days X 7 Jewish years), after the 30 MINUTES OF SILENCE IN HEAVEN on Oct. 29, 2008, is Feast of Atonement.  This is by divine design, not happenstance, or coincidence.  On Feast of Atonement, especially in 2015, when the armies of the world will be surrounding the Jews in Israel preparing for the Battle of Armageddon, the Jews will be setting up animal sacrifices, attempting to ATONE for their sins for the past year.  In, the irony of it all, by God's divine providence and great, awe-inspiring prophetic plan, HERE WILL COME JESUS IN THE CLOUDS, WHO IS THEIR ATONEMENT FOR THEIR SINS, TO SET UP HIS MILLENNIAL KINGDOM IN JERUSALEM!!!  Right on schedule. Right on Feast of Atonement, the Feast Day when Jesus is supposed to return.  WHAT A MIGHTY AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!!! 


This is why it is A SEVEN-YEAR COVENANT in Daniel 9:27, because it covers one complete sabbatical cycle of 7 years, and will end EXACTLY 7 Jewish years after it is completed, because at that time the Antichrist and False Prophet will be destroyed.  There is no pre-planned condition at the beginning of the covenant of Daniel 9:27 that makes it a 7-year covenant.  It is what happens at THE END of the covenant that determines the length to be 7 years, which is the end of a sabbatical cycle, the end of a Jubilee cycle, the final day of the 70th week of Daniel, and the destruction of the Antichrist, who confirmed the covenant EXACTLY 7 Jewish years earlier on Oct. 29, 2008. 


There may be a peace treaty with Israel and the Antichrist in the near future, but it will NOT be 7 years in length and it will NOT be the fulfillment of Daniel 9:27.  THE FULFILLMENT OF DANIEL 9:27 HAS ALREADY HAPPENED ON OCT. 29, 2008, WITH THE CONFIRMING OF THE COVENANT.   TRY CONVINCING ALL OF THAT AWESTRUCK  AUDIENCE IN HEAVEN, WHO WERE COMPLETELY SILENT FOR EXACTLY 30 MINUTES AS OBAMA GAVE HIS HISTORIC SPEECH, that this was not the confirming of the covenant of Daniel 9:27. 


(For those of you who have doubts about the main content of this posting, because of the context of this verse, I will be addressing that in Part 2.  The exciting revelation is all in Part 1, my precious brothers and sisters in Christ.  Because some of you have concerns and doubts, because of the context of this verse, I feel I must address your issues in Part 2.  What I will show you there, is a result of many hours of study this week in the Book of Revelation.)




Ron Reese